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19 Small Business Funding Resources to Boost Your Capital

Small business funding resources

Every business starts with an idea. You need money to manifest your ideas into reality. So, as a small business that’s ready to scale, what are your financing options? A traditional option like a bank might not be as helpful if you need funds fast and don’t meet their requirements. Here’s a list of 19 […]

Is Your Business Prepared for the Holiday Rush This Year?

According to data published by NRF, over 90% of Americans celebrate winter holidays like Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah. Hence, the winter holidays generate more sales than any others. In fact, 20% of all retail revenue is generated during the winter holidays. Preparation is the foundation of success, so you need to be ready. Let’s take […]

Your Guide to Working Capital: How to Keep the Cash Flowing

When you launch, manage, and scale your business, you need capital to keep the doors open. You have to spend money to make money. And, if you have none, you can’t possibly build your business at any stage. Here, you’ll learn what you need to understand about working capital. What is Working Capital? Working capital is, […]

4 Tips for Growing Your Small Business Customer Base

hand writing customer base word cloud

Growing your customer base Finding success as a business owner means sustainably growing your customer base. Getting customers is not easy in today’s competitive startup landscape, but there are several best practices that can help you encourage that customer base to grow. Below, we will provide some tips for growing your small business’ customer base. […]

How to Use Working Capital to Your Advantage

working capital

How to Use Working Capital to Your Advantage  What is Working Capital? Working Capital is an alternative source of funds for entrepreneurs to help grow their business. In this kind of specialty business financing, a business owner can receive a lump sum of capital from a business funding lender in exchange for a certain amount […]

5 Different Types of Equipment Financing Options

equipment financing

When choosing to grow your business, sometimes a little can go a long way. Investing in equipment is a great way to increase production and capital. Unfortunately, equipment can run at a high cost and most small business do not have the money on hand to purchase it in full. Most resort to traditional lenders […]

What is Working Capital and How Can I Utilize it?

Working capital

The Best Ways a Business Can Use Working Capital to Their Advantage Working capital is a pivotal element for all businesses. Without it, a business would not be able to survive or remain financially stable among its competitors. In order for businesses to succeed, they must truly understand what working capital is, as well as […]

5 Startup Business Tips for Veterans

Veteran Small Business

Best Practices Every Veteran Startup Should Follow It can certainly be difficult to launch a startup business, especially when one considers just how much time, effort and money it takes to successfully make it happen. From startup business funding to simply naming the business itself, the process can be a stressful one at times. Veterans […]

How to Get a Business Loan With Poor Credit

Business Loan

Poor Credit, Business Loans, and Business Funding Running a small business is certainly not the easiest of tasks, especially when one considers just how much capital it costs to succeed, let alone stay afloat among competitors. Fortunately, small businesses can obtain a small business loan, even if they’re not in the best financial standing and have […]

Difference Between a Small Business Loan and Small Business Funding

small business loan

Financing Your Small Business The business world is competitive, there’s not doubt about that. In order to achieve success, an ambitious small business must find ways to out perform others within their market. A great location and quality product are both critically important to a business’ reputation and long-term sustainability, but it is inbound revenue […]

2018’s Tax Changes and How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage

Small Business

It is now well into the New Year as businesses across the country dive head first into the first quarter. If you’re like most small business owners, your aspirations for 2018 exceed those of the previous year in hopes to smash record sales and overall business function. Luckily, the tax changes recently implemented by the […]

5 Medical Equipment Financing Tips for Dental Practices


There’s one central element keeping medically associated practices afloat – and that’s patient satisfaction. In order to accomplish and maintain this crucial level of contentment, your business must provide compassion, quality service and the most up-to-date technology. The latter of the bunch is a large bargaining point that influences the opinion of current and prospective […]

How To Avoid These Company Finance Rookie Mistakes


Securing small business financing can fuel your growth and ensure you’re financially prepared to survive cash flow shortages, but it’s important to know exactly what type of financial arrangement you’re committing to before you sign on the proverbial dotted line. Here are some common mistakes rookie business owners make when securing small business funding, and […]

Knowledge Is Power: Common Startup Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


Starting a business often involves venturing into unknown waters; and managing tasks, challenges and problems you may not have had much exposure to in the past. It happens all the time, something as simple as missing a great opportunity to purchase inventory in bulk due to a lack of working capital can come back to […]

Grow Your Business With The Benefits Of Merchant Cash Advances


Your business can be wildly successful in its sales, revenue, and customer acquisition and retention rates — but still lack the cash flow it needs to maintain business operations and invest in growth. It’s a common business challenge, since most banks and traditional lenders require businesses to have an established credit history and years of […]

How The Rising Federal Reserve Interest Rate Will Affect Your Business


In May, the Federal Reserve announced its intent to reduce trillions of dollars on its balance sheet. The effort will be supported, in part, by a series of increases to the benchmark federal funds. While an interest rate increase can impact many areas of the economy for both borrowers and lenders, it can have a […]

Best Practices for Managing Your Remodeling Business Cash Flow


Low interest rates and a hot housing market mean significant opportunities for professionals in the commercial and residential remodeling industry. Yet, maintaining cash flow can prove to be far more challenging than marketing your services, winning jobs, or completing them on time and on budget.While the remodeling industry is inherently exposed to macroeconomic factors you […]

The Do’s And Don’ts For Small Business Funding


There are many sources you can consider for first-time business funding, but understanding the top small business do’s and don’ts for securing funding solutions can ensure you pursue only those that best fit your business’s unique needs. Here are some small business funding tips to make securing funding as seamless as possible. Do: Confirm that […]

The Best Practices For Managing Business Cash Flow


The restaurant industry is notoriously competitive and has significant operational demands when it comes to optimizing inventory and predicting demand. To add to the challenge, a restaurant’s cash flow tends to ebb and flow, due to unpredictable factors that can be dictated by uncontrollable events such as weather and traffic. Despite those risks, the restaurant […]