2018’s Tax Changes and How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage

It is now well into the New Year as businesses across the country dive head first into the first quarter. If you’re like most small business owners, your aspirations for 2018 exceed those of the previous year in hopes to smash record sales and overall business function. Luckily, the tax changes recently implemented by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has presented a whole new treatment approach to the business tax scheme – making those goals all the more achievable. The framework of the 2018 tax change has been modified in the favor of small business with a focus of gradual, foreseeable benefits. To learn more about the remodeling of the tax code, read on below to see how your small business can take advantage.

Highlights of the 2018 Tax Reform

First, we’ll discuss the major changes from this year’s tax reform that adheres to the benefits of small business. The topics listed below highlight the major points of the new tax bill’s permanent revisions to the Internal Revenue Code.

Tax Rates for Corporations

One of the major highlights of the reform deals with how income of C-Corporation is taxed. The previous law structured businesses with annual revenue exceeding $10-million to be liable for 35%. With the slate swept clean and rewritten, the new model reflects a reduction to a flat rate 21%. This in turn lowers the expectation and tax reliability of many businesses filing under the title of a C-Corporations.

Expensing Under Section 179

The revision of Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code restricted businesses to a total expensing costs of up to $500,000 of business property. 2018’s ruling now offers businesses a doubled allowance of $1-million with a phase out threshold of $2.5-million. This increased cushion will be indexed for inflation in the coming years and allows for the expensing of improvements to nonresidential properties regarding amenities such as roofing, heating, air conditioning, fire protection and more.

Pass-Through Entities

All small to mid-sized businesses operating through a partnership or under the title of S-Corporations, sole proprietors and LLCs will now have their net income taxed at individual rates. Qualified business income of a respective establishment will experience a 20% deduction for all pass-through entities. Taxpayers in service businesses cannot claim this tax revision if filing as single with income taxable above $157,500. The same statute stands for joint filers with income above $315,000.

Taking Advantage of the New Tax Reform

The largest benefit out of the entire reform bill needs a category all on it’s own. The benefit now lies within the hands of small business owners needing dependable and ethical financial assistance in order to grow. Acquiring small business funding for your enterprise needs has never been easier. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act allows small businesses the fair opportunity to pay back their lenders based on sales performance – permitting them to avoid disruptions in cash flow and the prioritization of allocating funds. Carefully reaping the benefits of the reform provides businesses the opportunity to seek revolutionary support methods that are zeroed in on helping businesses succeed. This model entirely eliminates the traditional bait and trap financial structure based on a business’ desperation of funding.

Simplified Small Business Funding Designed for You

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