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Why Partner with Lendr?

We take a customized approach to every partner opportunity.

Lendr’s designated team of Business Development Managers will ensure you have the best support and experience. We take a customized approach to every partner opportunity to make an impact on the success of the business owners we serve.

Lendr offers a one-on-one consultation session to go over the benefits of partnering with us and to answer any questions you might have. Join us and experience what sets Lendr apart.

Lendr is different. ​

Here’s why.

  1. We offer competitive early payoff discounts

  2. We offer daily and weekly payments

  3. We partner with tough-to-fund industries

  4. We offer syndication opportunities

  5. We provide larger ticket working capital solutions

How we sweeten the deal.


Lendr offers regular promotions to our brokers in order to get you the best possible deal. Some of these include bonus points, deal-by-deal bonuses and marketing campaign support.

Partnering with Lendr will help you fund prospects faster and get you the share you deserve. What’s not to love?

How The Lendr Partner Program Works

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Lendr is always looking to build long-term strategic partnerships with small business sales organizations and other companies servicing small businesses. We keep the process simple because we know you and your clients are busy people looking for convenient solutions. Come see the Lendr difference.

Benefits to Our Partners:

• Approval times in under 2 hours

• Working hand-in-hand with you on offers

• Getting your clients’ funding fast

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1. The Submission.

To expedite the process we recommend sending the following prior to your appointment.

a. Completed and signed application.

b. A minimum of 3 months of bank statements.

c. A voided check and scanned copy of your driver’s license or ID.

2. Our proprietary technology handles the following:

a. Performs a background check.

b. Does a soft credit pull.

c. Verifies and reviews your bank statements.

d. Generates possible offers.

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3. The Offer.

a. Choose an offer.

b. If no further information is required, the contracts will be sent to the client. Otherwise just fill in the missing info needed.

c. Once the submitted contracts are signed, we will finalize and fund.

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