The Myths And Facts About Merchant Cash Advances • Lendr

Merchant cash advances (MCA) can be a convenient way to access the working capital your small business needs, without requiring that you sacrifice your cash flow, or the sense of financial security that comes with it.Despite that, there are many common merchant cash advance myths that swirl in the business and financial communities that may prohibit small businesses from leveraging what can be a valuable finance resource.Here’s a look at seven common merchant cash advance myths, along with the merchant cash advance facts that debunk them:

Myth 1:  A merchant cash advance is a loan.At first glance, the application process for a merchant cash advance may look similar to a loan: You apply for funds, and if approved, receive them from a financier, but that’s where the similarities end.For example, loans typically require that a borrower commit to a fixed repayment schedule based on the amount loaned for a predetermined length of time. A merchant cash advance is based on a business’s daily debit or credit card sales transactions: The amount of funds a business can access — and how and when they are repaid — is based on daily (or in some cases, weekly) sales volume.

Myth 2: Merchant cash advances mean high interest rates.The terms of an approved merchant cash advance is based on your business’s sales volume, projected future sales and your provider. However, Lendr’s merchant cash advance rates may be as low 1.25 percent a month.

Myth 3:  You can only use one merchant cash advance provider. Lendr clients that may have an outstanding merchant cash advance with another provider can use their Lendr MCA to pay it off, and potentially access additional funds.

Myth 4: You’ll need new payment equipment.Most Lendr clients find that their existing point-of-sale terminals work seamlessly with their merchant cash advance, once the terminal has been reprogrammed. The transition process only requires a 10-minute phone call with our IT department. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to begin and complete the process.

Myth 5:  You can only use a merchant cash advance for specific needs.Merchant cash advances give businesses flexible access to funds. You can use your merchant cash advance to purchase new equipment, improve your business facilities, buy inventory, pay your employees — or any other number of capital needs.

Myth 6:  You need years of sales history.At Lendr, potential clients need to:

Myth 7:  A bank loan is always a better option if you can get one.Traditional loans can be a wise funding choice for some businesses, but they’re not the best solution for all. In addition to stringent application requirements — including that a business have an established credit history and years of sales and operating history — it can take several weeks for a traditional lender to review a loan application, and make a funding decision. Funds from a merchant cash advance may be accessed electronically in just a few business days. Contact us today!