• Working Capital

    Looking to grow fast with more employees, equipment or cash flow? Lendr offers short term working capital solutions that quickly align with your desire for growth, so you can expand your business the way you want.

Here’s the deal

Working capital is a great resource when your business needs immediate cash for hiring, launching a marketing program, remodeling, facelift, equipment purchases or an unexpected emergency. Instead of a traditional loan, our merchant cash advance product is based on your future business sales. This helps you to focus on your core business growth and your day-to-day cash flow.

Lendr provides flexible payment options and solutions that work for you. When you apply we review your business financials and produce an offer that is customized to your business with a daily or weekly payment. We’re here to provide a funding plan that helps you achieve your goals and get you the working capital you need quickly.

Ready to Move Ahead?

Once you’re happy with your offer, we send funds to you on the next business day. Payments begin 2 days after receiving your funds.

Example Offer from Lendr


*This offer was based on a number of factors including banking balances throughout the month, revenue, time in business and other financial obligations.

How to Qualify?

Here’s what you need to know to qualify. Not sure if you meet all these requirements? Contact us via email or call (888) 887-2812 between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.


1 Year in Business

Banks tend to only fund businesses that have been around for a while and may have a specific credit requirement that’s hard for a new business to meet. Lendr is here to help. We offer working capital solutions to businesses a year old and greater. Start-ups 6 months old and up are considered for funding, as well. We know the early years can be tough to build cash flow, so that’s why we’re here to help you grow.

550+ Credit Score

Your personal and business credit score are only one factor in our decision-making process. We look beyond personal credit because we know your value and business potential are more than just a number. In addition, we consider other criteria in our evaluation including financial performance, business cash flow, and other outstanding debt.

Learn more on how to improve your score

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$10k in Monthly Revenue

This criteria working in conjunction with other considerations is a good indicator that your business has a steady stream of cash flow. We also prefer that the applicant owns 51 percent of the business, so that the right decision maker is applying for financing. The beauty of working capital from Lendr is that it allows you quick access to funds, which in turn can help you grow your business faster.

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