Turn Key Startup Business Funding that Meet Your Needs

Receive the working capital needed for a successful business

Your ability to secure startup funding can be pivotal to your business’s growth. Unfortunately, many small business owners come to find that startup funding options aren’t quite as easy to secure as many financial institutions, credit unions and even online lenders advertise.

The Lendr team is committed to being a trusted partner our clients can rely on to secure the financing they need to support their company’s present and future goals. Whether your objective is funding startup businesses or an established small to midsize business, we offer customized financing solutions that fit your needs.

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Flexible Startup Funding Amounts and Terms

Lendr’s startup funding options acknowledge what many small business financiers that claim to offer private funding for startup businesses don’t: The definition of a startup is vague. The term is often used to describe businesses that vary significantly in shape, size and scope. Plus, not all business owners seek startup funding for the same reasons.

We'll help you get what you need.

That’s why Lendr’s startup funding options are flexible and customizable, based on the needs you have today, and those you may have as your business evolves.

We offer:

  • Flexible working capital funding options in amounts up to $250,000, based on your startup funding needs.
  • Variable repayment schedules based on your daily credit card sales cycles.
  • Competitive rates as low as 1.25%/month.
  • Terms starting at four months.

Private Funding for Startup Businesses Based on More Than Credit

Your business is more than your credit score or information in your credit report. Lendr considers a variety of factors in our approval decisions, including your past sales performance and future potential. Our application includes a few simple requirements.

We ask that your startup:

  • Has been in business at least 12 months
  • Has a credit score of at least 520
  • Has documented monthly sales of at least $10,000

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Repayment Options That Complement Startup Sales Cycles

Startups may experience unpredictable sales cycles that fluctuate with:

  • Macroeconomic factors
  • The competitive environment
  • Ever-changing consumer preferences
  • Unforeseen business opportunities that may require an upfront investment with a vendor or supplier to fuel future growth

Lendr’s startup funding options include repayment solutions that are designed to support the reality of being a startup. We don’t require that you adhere to a fixed payment schedule or commit to fixed repayment amounts — all of which can cause you to sacrifice the health of your own cash flow, and compromise your financial stability. Instead, you simply authorize Lendr to take a fixed percentage of your daily bank deposits (based on your debt and credit card sales) until the amount of financing you’ve accessed is paid back.

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Easy Application Process

At Lendr, we know your time is money. That’s why our easy application process begins online, and takes about five minutes. Just answer a few simple questions to get the process underway.

Seamless Funds Transfer

If your equipment financing application is approved, you could have access to the funds you need within two to three business days, delivered electronically to your bank account.