Small Business Funding in Chicago by Lendr

The Funding Chicago Businesses Need

Often times the largest obstacle holding a business back from growth lies within the finances. Lendr’s all-inclusive approach allows businesses in Chicago to acquire the business funding needed to surpass growing pains and build for the future. Our mission is to ensure your personal business goals are held in the highest regard and our funding plans are sculpted in such a way for you to succeed. At Lendr, you’ll find business funding in a manner that’s fair – and most of all – truly benefits you.

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Flexible Business Funding Fit for Chicagoland

No two businesses are the same. That’s why Lendr designs individualized and flexible funding options for Chicago businesses. Our custom plans include:

  • Clients driving monthly revenue of less than $30,000 or more than $500,000 are eligible for funding.
  • Business funding options in Chicago can be selected as low as $10,000 to $250,000.
  • Repayment is strictly based on your daily sales cycle – all variable, nothing fixed.

Fast Business Funding That’s Reliable

Lendr features small business support that truly delivers to the benefit of our partners. Our business funding options can be requested and transferred to your bank account in as quickly as 48 hours. Lendr also integrates the most user-friendly technology to ensure your experience is both transparent and stress-free. Your investments are our priority and we pride ourselves on offering this service with rapid turnaround.

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Hassle Free Repayments for Small Business Funding

Lendr introduces an innovative repayment structure for Chicago businesses. No longer will small businesses have to worry about cash flow disruptions or massive fixed rates with the inability to refinance. Lendr only requires a fixed percentage of daily credit card sales. This system is favorably structured to protect your bottom line and makes repayment simple.

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Specialty Financing for Small Business Success

Lendr and your Chicago business share a similar focus: growth by all means necessary. A partnership with us will grant you the opportunity to acquire the business support you need to facilitate this success. Lendr is dedicated to being that integral role you need to accomplish your goals – and because of this – we offer clients more service than ever before.

Small Business Funding and Side by Side Financial Support for Chicago Entrepreneurs

In a largely business-first society, financial success means everything. In an economy filled with so many small to midsized businesses, it may seem like you’ll never stand out from the competition. Luckily, small business funding is often the only platform needed to begin your growth plan.

The team at Lendr understands the importance of your business. With over 75 years of experience in providing small businesses growth inspired financial support, our funding options are purely modeled around your success.

A Lendr partnership will provide you the funding necessary for self-sustainability in the long-term. To us, you’re more than a credit score and we welcome everyone in need of assistance. Contact us to discover how Lender can help your business today.

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